Bye Bye Perm, Hello Kinks and Curls

HELLO Beauties!!!

This post is going to be about my decision to go natural. I will eventually post pic or link to my YouTube video about my journey. Last night I did a mental recap of how far my hair has come. When I was born , I had very little hair on my temples( genetics not damage) . I’ve always had fine hair, not thick but not too fine either. I remember days of going to school with my hair 1/2 up 1/2 down(you know that do lol) but by the time I got to class my hair was a hot poofy mess. My hair hates humidity…I’m not talking a little frizz, I’m talking big POOF lol. Through the years I have been through hair hell, but it was all my mom’s fault. I had a JERRY CURL in the 5th grade (so shame) and then I went to a mushroom cut with the backed shaved in maybe the 6th grade. Neither hair style should have been acceptable LOL. After that my hair never grew pass the middle of my neck/ears. 🙂 It did cause some self-esteem issues. I learned how to braid, then twist, then glue in tracks (throw back), and then sew in tracks. I must say even in my glue in days my hair started to thrive due to the fact that I reduced the amount of heat. Then once I learned how to sew, I stayed with a sew in but I kept perming my hair. One day it hit me. why am I perming my hair when only 20% of it gets to be seen with a sew in, so I started stretching perms. During my junior year of college I decided that I wasn’t going to perm my hair anymore due to my new found love for not only sew ins but 1/2 wigs :-D. Thus my transition to becoming natural began.

Questions :

When did you start transitioning? March 17th 2009

How long did you transition and why? 14 months because I didn’t want a tiny fro. LOL

Do you regret your decision? not at all

How long was your hair when you chopped it off? about 6.5 inches

How long has it been since your last relaxer? It will be 3 years 3/17/12

How long have you been fully natural? It will be 2 years on May 11th 2012

Is it hard to take care of your hair? Nope , it does take some effort to learn how to though

Do you straighten you hair? I semi-straightened once. I plan to do a full straightening for my Nappiversary.



King James (Scared or Considerate?)

The other day I had a discussion with a friend. We were talking about how LeBron James passed up not one but TWO opportunities to hit game winning shots in this year’s All-star game. I didn’t get to see the game but I did see a clip of those last few seconds. I also read the stats that said James was 6/6 before passing up these shots. So let’s break it down.

Scared: James has been under harsh criticism for some time now about his lack of shooting during crunch time. This has many people saying he is not a clutch player. The reason behind this could be that he has become scared of being the cause of a loss. After taking many clutch shots in Cleveland and then moving to Miami with this great expectation, I can see how James could let fear creep in. Miami is expecting him to become “KING” James and come in and save the day. After a few missed opportunities, fans begin to criticize and James began to doubt himself. This is understandable. He is a great player, hands down, but image how he must feel being capable of attaining something only to fall short when he attempts to reach greatness.

Considerate: Remembering what I just said, James could doubt himself. So maybe he figures, I rather pass the ball than take a shot I doubt. He is lucky enough to have somebody (Wade) that is very capable for hitting shots under pressure (Understand?) This side of the argument strengthens his ability to be humble enough to rely on his teammates due the identification of his weakness. If you  doubt you can do surgery, wouldn’t it be best to call a doctor in LOL. Same case could be made for James.

My Take: I think once James realizes that on this continued journey to greatness, he will miss more game winning shots….but in order for him to gain that confidence he has to man up and take them. The All-star game was a perfect opportunity for practice. Not to mention James was 6/6 so the basketball gods were on his side LOL. Missing that shot wouldn’t have cost him anything, but taking that shot would have been a step toward hitting the next game winning shot (I.E in the conference finals).

My advice: Take the shot LeBron because either way we will talk about you, might as well contribute to your abilities and legacy. All the greats missed clutch shots: ask Kobe or Jordan 🙂

Disrespecting Brees??

Morning People!!!

I just read an article about the signing situation in the Saints compound. Saints GM Mickey Loomis low balled QB Drew Brees by insinuating that Brees was just a “VERY GOOD” quarterback. I don’t know about you, but that is an understatement. I continued reading the article even though I was quite ticked off about this idea. Prolonging the signing of Brees is very disrespectful especially if you have the idea floating around that the man is just “VERY GOOD“. Loomis needs to look at the stats. Brees defines greatness and that is exactly what his presence has brought to a dying Saints franchise. We’ve gone from brown paper bags to a Superbowl ring to on the back, or shall I say arm, of Brees. I understand that there is more to the issue besides his greatness but when it comes to Brees I think you should let him name his price and cut the check. Plain and simple.

Cutting Vilma and Ellis won’t hurt us as bad as cutting Brees(which is temporary suicide).Also involved in this discussion is the availability of Colston and Nicks. I say try and work something out for both but if push comes to shove, Colston gets my vote. I look forward to a new Saints season but I would be devastated if it was BREESLESS.

What do you think?

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