Disrespecting Brees??

Morning People!!!

I just read an article about the signing situation in the Saints compound. Saints GM Mickey Loomis low balled QB Drew Brees by insinuating that Brees was just a “VERY GOOD” quarterback. I don’t know about you, but that is an understatement. I continued reading the article even though I was quite ticked off about this idea. Prolonging the signing of Brees is very disrespectful especially¬†if you have the idea floating around that the man is just “VERY GOOD“. Loomis needs to look at the stats. Brees defines greatness and that is exactly what his presence has brought to a dying Saints franchise. We’ve gone from brown paper bags to a Superbowl ring to on the back, or shall I say arm, of Brees. I understand that there is more to the issue besides his greatness but when it comes to Brees I think you should let him name his price and cut the check. Plain and simple.

Cutting Vilma and Ellis won’t hurt us as bad as cutting Brees(which is temporary suicide).Also involved in this discussion is the availability of Colston and Nicks. I say try and work something out for both but if push comes to shove, Colston gets my vote. I look forward to a new Saints season but I would be devastated if it was BREESLESS.

What do you think?

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