King James (Scared or Considerate?)

The other day I had a discussion with a friend. We were talking about how LeBron James passed up not one but TWO opportunities to hit game winning shots in this year’s All-star game. I didn’t get to see the game but I did see a clip of those last few seconds. I also read the stats that said James was 6/6 before passing up these shots. So let’s break it down.

Scared: James has been under harsh criticism for some time now about his lack of shooting during crunch time. This has many people saying he is not a clutch player. The reason behind this could be that he has become scared of being the cause of a loss. After taking many clutch shots in Cleveland and then moving to Miami with this great expectation, I can see how James could let fear creep in. Miami is expecting him to become “KING” James and come in and save the day. After a few missed opportunities, fans begin to criticize and James began to doubt himself. This is understandable. He is a great player, hands down, but image how he must feel being capable of attaining something only to fall short when he attempts to reach greatness.

Considerate: Remembering what I just said, James could doubt himself. So maybe he figures, I rather pass the ball than take a shot I doubt. He is lucky enough to have somebody (Wade) that is very capable for hitting shots under pressure (Understand?) This side of the argument strengthens his ability to be humble enough to rely on his teammates due the identification of his weakness. If you  doubt you can do surgery, wouldn’t it be best to call a doctor in LOL. Same case could be made for James.

My Take: I think once James realizes that on this continued journey to greatness, he will miss more game winning shots….but in order for him to gain that confidence he has to man up and take them. The All-star game was a perfect opportunity for practice. Not to mention James was 6/6 so the basketball gods were on his side LOL. Missing that shot wouldn’t have cost him anything, but taking that shot would have been a step toward hitting the next game winning shot (I.E in the conference finals).

My advice: Take the shot LeBron because either way we will talk about you, might as well contribute to your abilities and legacy. All the greats missed clutch shots: ask Kobe or Jordan 🙂

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